Since 1985, we have been constructing many commercial buildings in the areas lying south of Atlanta, Georgia. We have built day care centers, doctor's offices, retail strip centers, warehouses, and automotive centers.  We can also perform the finish out of prior constructed buildings and remodeling.  We strive to provided a quality experience by ensuring the projects we undertake are built to the original specifications, while maintaining an construction schedule and adhering to the budget set forth.  We strive to build each building to architecturally pleasing guidelines, quality craftsmanship, and integrity. 

    To deliver one these values, Green Forest Construction, LLC relies on determination, hard work and unmatched experience.  We seek to treat our clients as we would desire to be treated and will never take on more work than will allow us to be involved with on an personal basis.  It is not our desire to take on project after project, then deliver poor quality workmanship and service as a result.  We will always evaluate each job for the location and serviceability, and, if we cannot service the job site or maintain quality either because of location or because of the number of other jobs in progress, we will not take the job.  We guarantee you will not be "just another job".  We take our work seriously, and understand the time and monetary investment the project is for you.  We are not just typing words, we are living our vision with each project. 

Green Forest Construction, LLC is the right choice if you are seeking one of the following:

  • Construction Company

  • Design Build Contractor

  • Commercial Contractor

  • Construction Manager

  • USGBC member

  • LEED aware company

  • Energy Star aware company

  • Finish out of Tenant Space Contractor

  • Remodeling of Prior Constructed Commercial/Governmental buildings/space

  • Facilities Management - better service, you can count on that.

If you would like to view some of Green Forest Construction's current and/or past construction projects, please visit the Construction Project Showcase.


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