General Overview

   Green Forest Construction, LLC was created after many months of studying the market.  We evaluated the market and realized it was splintered amongst numerous general contractors, real estate brokerages, architects, etc.  We then developed the idea to form an organization that could handle the diverse needs of today's market under one roof.  Green Construction, LLC was then formed to include some of the most capable employees and industry professionals. 


What other things can Green Forest Help me with?

   We can assist a individual that only has a general idea of the area they desire to live through Icon Realty to: locate a tract of land/lot and study all details associated with that land/lot, secure financing, and purchase the lot.  We can also assist an individual that may only have a general idea of the style home plan they want to build and, through our architects, design and create working plans. We then price the home upon the particular features the owner desires to incorporate and, of course, then build the home to their specifications.  When it comes to real estate, regardless if it is commercial or residential - we are the most capable builder in the market. Nowhere else will you find this assembly of knowledge and expertise.


A short biography (Jason Betsill) :

    I come from a third generation building family and eight generations of Betsill carpenters.  Our family settled in Fayette County Georgia in the late 1800's and was one of the original charter families of the County.  My grandfather, Alex, was a custom homebuilder in the Metro Atlanta area in the Early 1960's where he constructed numerous homes throughout the area.  He was a true "craftsman" in the truest sense of the word.  My father was always on job sites with his father, learning quality construction in early childhood.  As he got older, he spent many years working alongside his father (my grandfather).  They would not simply oversee the construction of the job site through scheduling of subcontractors and suppliers.  They would physically perform many of the aspects of construction with their own hands.  This included many facets such as stacking blocks for the foundation walls, framing and roofing the home as well as running electrical, plumbing, interior wood trim, etc. 

   From the time I could walk, I too was on job sites with my father.  As I got older, I began to work in construction also.  I was alongside my father building homes with our own hands and learning about how to do things "the right way" which we lovingly referred to as "the Betsill way".  Each home I have ever lived in I helped to construct.  I learned each facet of construction, and what to look for during construction to ensure the home was built in a quality manner.  I spent many summers setting slab form boards, setting walls, rafters, decking roofs, installing windows, installing trimwork, etc.   Many times I would attend school during the day, go to football practice after school, and then come home to help drive nails on the family home until dark.  I spent many summers helping build barns, sheds, houses, etc.  In high school, I performed warranty and general framing on homes built for sale by our family. 

   After leaving High School I attended the State University of West Georgia and graduated in 1999 with a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration and a minor in Computer Science.  Upon graduating from college, I began full time work in construction as a general contractor (homebuilder).  In the past eleven years my father and I have constructed over six hundred fifty homes in the Metro Atlanta area as well as a few dozen commercial buildings and several residential developments.  In 2000, I elected to obtain my Georgia Real Estate License and in 2003 I elected to obtain a Georgia Real Estate Broker's License.  I obtained my license and then opened my own Real Estate Brokerage.  I named that brokerage Icon Realty, Inc.  Through Icon Realty I have assisted many customers locate, research and purchase tracts of land in the Metro Atlanta area.  In 2009 I earned my LEED Green Associate designation as well.


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