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       On this page you will see images and details of a system we just installed in a commercial building we are constructing.  This heating unit heats a large area that will be an automotive care facility.  RECYCLED MOTOR OIL fuels the system. Here are the images. Scroll to the bottom of this page to discover greater detail pertaining to this system....... Green Forest Construction - serious quality......serious efficiency.

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    A truly amazing system that is highly efficient and immediately begins providing economic returns to the owner.  The system is capable of burning waste oil regardless of viscosity.  With any auto care facility, the owner collects and then must dispose of all waste oil.  It is unlikely that a more efficient system for waste oil removal and use exists than this heating system.  What most shop owners do not realize is that most of the oil that is removed from their premises is sold to other shop owners who own simliar systems. 
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