If you have an emergency, contact the supplier first and leave a message (if after hours) AND THEN send an e-mail to   Please do BOTH in an emergency.



  If you have a plumbing leak that is going to damage your home, immediately go to the curb at the street and cut the water completely off to your home.  If you have a breaker in your electrical panel box that trips and you re-set it and it trips again, DO NOT continue to re-set the breaker, contact the electrician immediately.

New Home Warranty Information/Closing Orientation 

Green Forest Construction hereinafter referred to as GFC -2-10 Home Buyer’s Warranty Corporation hereinafter referred to as 2-10 HBWC. 

GFC purchases a warranty, administered by 2-10 HBWC, for your new home at the time of closing.  This warranty provides a one-year (1) workmanship, two-year (2) systems, and ten-year (10) structural coverage for your home.  2-10 HBWC will send directly to you a certificate within thirty days from closing that confirms this enrollment.  If you do not receive this certificate within thirty days contact GFC during the first year of ownership all workmanship issues will be handled directly by GFC (through the reporting methods described below) and our subcontractors.  All issues after the first year are to be reported directly to 2-10 HBWC.   This warranty’s legal descriptions and reporting methods to 2-10 HBWC, along with all performance standards that govern the workmanship, systems, and structural repair guidelines are detailed in the included booklet provided to you at closing along with this document.

The procedure for reporting workmanship issues is as follows.  Itemized issues are to be reported on the New Construction Walk Through List, Ninety (90) Day List, and Eleven (11) Month List.  The New Construction Walk Through List is to be compiled prior to closing during the walk though of the house alongside the superintendent and agent(s), who in turn will submit the list to GFC.  Once you have moved into your new home it is natural to notice items in need of correction that were not documented on the original walk through list. Items possibly caused from move in or by your personal use are not warranted (i.e. gouges & scratches), all such items should be addressed on walk through list.  Track new items as they are found and submit them to GFC in a list format with your current contact information at approximately ninety (90) days (1st list) and again eleven (11) months after closing (2nd and final list).  Please note that all subsequent lists after the New Construction Walk Through are to be compiled by you and submitted directly to GFC by way of mail, facsimile, email (, or the warranty reporting form found on our web site at  Any items not completed from the New Construction Walk Through List and all lists submitted after the close of your home will be dealt with on an appointment basis.  A representative from GFC’s office will contact you to schedule these appointments.  Please note the appointments are scheduled during normal business hours Monday – Friday 8AM – 4PM (based on number of items), excluding holidays, and that only items reported in list format will be worked during these appointments.  GFC employees technicians that will handle a majority of the items that you submit, any items that need to be dealt with directly by a subcontractor will be scheduled to attend arranged appointments by GFC’s office. At time of completion of your submitted list, you will be presented a form showing your items (only items covered under “Builder’s Responsibility” in the 2-10 HBW performance guideline booklet will appear on the list).  You will need to review and sign each list, your signature will be a statement that the items on the list have been completed in a satisfactory manner. You may be asked to initial completed items only, you signature will be applied to the document upon completion of all items.  At any time GFC may elect to require all warranty items submitted to 2-10 HBW directly.

During periods where no appointments are pending and a subcontractor issue arises, you may contact the subcontractor directly (numbers are included in your GFC closing folder).  Providing these numbers for your direct use is done to eliminate problems encountered with third party scheduling.  The items labeled in your 2-10 HBW performance guideline booklet as builder responsibility extend to these subcontractors.  Anytime you are in direct contact with a subcontractor please email GFC, and if you are having difficulty in any manner with any subcontractor please do not hesitate to contact the office of GFC

Subcontractor List & Contact Information

   This list will be/was supplied to you at closing and all information on this page will be covered at time of closing. All of the above items will be covered under your first year builder warranty.  We are providing these numbers to you to aid you in the correction of warranty items should they arise.  We are not attempting trying to take warranty responsibility off of GFC however these numbers should make the appointment process easier on you.  We are here for you to assist you in any questions, problems, or concerns you may have. You can contact us at 770-460-9925 or e-mail us at with any concern you may have.  Remember, we are always here to assist you with ANY question or concern you may have.

Crown Security 770.461.3384 - has installed your phones, cables, and security system.  The system will be ready for either arming only, or monitoring and arming.  Arming will notify the police department at such time the system detects a problem.  This can be done for a small fee each month.  You can also have the system where it will be set to produce an audible notification only.  Either choice is your option.  GFC suggests having Crown Security come to your home to do a start-up walk-through with you at the time you move into your new home.  This start-up will be free of charge and allow you to better understand your system (ie bypassing zones and turning off motion detection, etc).

TNT PLUMBING (GA) 678.983.3977 ( OR Southern Pride Plumbing / (334) 291-5410 - has installed the plumbing in your home.  Should you experience any problems with your plumbing system (ie leaking faucets, etc.) you can contact Todd's Plumbing directly to set up an appointment for adjustment or repair.  This subcontractor has a twenty-four hour answering service that should page a technician who will in turn call your home to address the concern you have if you are calling outside of normal business hours. (please contact to determine which company installed at your residence.

Air Comfort Solutions/AIRCO 770.471.8078  - has installed and/or will be your warranty contact for the Heating & Air system in your home.  Should you experience any problems with your Heating & Air system (ie zone malfunction or system not heating/cooling, etc.) you can contact Heating & Air directly to set up an appointment for adjustment or repair.  This subcontractor has a twenty-four hour answering service that should page a technician who will in turn call your home to address the concern you have if you are calling outside of normal business hours.  Different components of your system may have warranties longer than one year.  We suggest having two system tests run on your system one test when you move in, the other when the season changes from cool to warm or warm to cool.  Ensuring your system is functioning correctly for the season you are in will ensure total system efficiency.

Robinson Electrical (John Westbrook / 770.900.4462)  has installed the electrical system in your home.  Should you experience any problems with your electrical system (ie light switches/fixtures not working, etc.) you can contact Shepard Electric directly to set up an appointment for adjustment or repair. This subcontractor has a twenty-four hour answering service that should page a technician who will in turn call your home to address the concern you have if you are calling outside of normal business hours.  Contact lighting if a fixture is not working, contact electrical if a switch, outlet, breaker, etc. is not working.

Holcomb Distributors, Inc. (flooring) 770.474.9270 installed any carpeting or vinyl flooring products throughout your home (tile concerns should be addressed to GFC as well as wood flooring issue) if you have a concern with carpeting or vinyl in your home please contact Holcomb and notify them of your concern.  After notification they should set up an appointment with you to review the problem.  If the problem is determined to be an installation problem Holcomb should make the necessary repairs.  If the problem is determined to be a manufacturing defect, Holcomb will then contact the manufacturer's representative and set up an appointment at your home to further assess the concern. 

Builder Specialties 404.557.1502 supplied the appliances in your home as well as your garage doors and fireplace insert.  Should you have a problem with a supplied appliance you will need to review the documentation supplied with the appliance and determine what steps are necessary for repair.  Your appliances may have extended warranties which extend beyond one year, this will be based upon your selected appliance manufacturer.  If you have an issue with the operation of a garage door or fireplace insert, please contact this installer/supplier at the information above.

    If you are not receiving prompt, courteous, and professional service from any GFC subcontractor or supplier, please contact us immediately at Ensure to provide us all applicable information so that we may contact the subcontractor or supplier with details.







Here is what is covered under your warranty.......

Residential Construction Performance Guidelines assembled by the National Association of Homebuilders 3rd Edition.

What this book does for you is to clearly define the items which are covered under the warranty agreed to by your builder and you at time of contract.  If the book says that an item should be repaired by GFC then we are required to repair the item.  This book helps you to understand new home care and maintenance as well as builder responsibility and is part of the 2-10 Systems/Structural Warranty included on every new home constructed by Green Forest Construction, LLC.  Further information can be obtained about the 2-10 warranty by following this link: OR

A copy of the Sample Booklet for the 2-10 warranty that was supplied to you during the construction process is available for viewing/downloading here:  SAMPLE 2-10.

Note : all information pertaining to the offered 2-10 Home Buyers' Warranty is continually updated by the provider.  Information and links on this site may or may not be the most up to date.  It is the visitor/homeowner's responsibility to contact the provider directly to ensure they have the most up to date information associated with this warranty.   Green Forest Construction, LLC. makes every effort to ensure timely and up to date information.  However, the provider could update the information at a moment's notice without notifying Green Forest Construction, LLC.  Visitors to this site using the associated information expressly imply that they agree to this requirement.



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